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Teach your teens healthy habits in Clubsport’s teenage fitness program.

Give your teen the gift of health when you sign them up for our TeenFit Certification Program. Studies show that regular exercise for teenagers does more than prevent conditions like weight gain and high blood pressure. Teen exercise also helps improve brain health and learning abilities.

Through our teen-tailored certification program, we’re helping prepare the next generation to lead healthy lifestyles. After two free sessions, teenagers ages 12-17 will be on their way to fitness freedom and ready to work out safely and independently.

TeenFit Certification

For teens ages 12-17 years old, TeenFit Certification provides basic instruction on the proper use of fitness equipment and gym etiquette. Once certified, teens and their TeenFit-certified friends will have the know-how necessary to have fun getting fit on their own without parental supervision.

Appointment #1
(See TeenFit Certification schedule below)
Club Overview, etiquette, and policies with an introduction to each area of the club including programs, sports equipment check-out, locker use, and cardio equipment.

Appointment #2
(Booked after appointment #1)
This session is tailored specifically to your teen’s athletic interests and goals and may be scheduled with a personal trainer or sports pro.

TeenFit Certification Schedule
Tuesdays, 4:00 pm
Saturdays, 11:00 am

Enroll at the Club Desk or through the ClubSport App. You must give 24 hours’ notice to make an appointment, cancel, or make changes. Click below to contact us if you have questions.

Teen Club Access

Once TeenFit Certified, group fitness classes are open to young members ages 12-14 when accompanied by a parent or adult guardian. TeenFit Certifications also grant teen members ages 12 to 17 complete access to the ClubSport facility and aquatics center without being accompanied or directly supervised as long as:

  • The club has on file a Teen Results Program Registration Waiver signed by a parent;
  • The teen member has completed the club’s TeenFit Certification; and
  • The teen member follows all club policies and conducts himself or herself appropriately.

Teens must be enrolled on a membership to use any club facility, or a guest fee must be paid. Teens may purchase an Individual membership at ClubSport, with a parent’s signature of approval and agreement to pay all dues and fees.

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