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With your ClubSport membership, you’ll enjoy unlimited access to over 95 group fitness classes a week including our Formula3 boutique-style classes and classes from LESMILLS™. Plus, enjoy court sports, our outdoor aquatics center, full-service restaurant and cafe, day spa, and family memberships receive 3 hours of daycare per child per day. With your ClubSport membership, you’ll discover a world of opportunities beyond just fitness.

Voted #1 Single Location Gym by Parenting OC Readers!

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Membership Perks

  • Family memberships receive 3 hours of daycare per child per day.
  • Complimentary use of all pools is included with your membership.
  • Ability to add 3 generations to one membership without extra fees with our Multi-Generational membership.
  • Over 95 studio classes available per week.
  • Free Virtual Fit membership to use when you can't make it to the club.
  • Member discounts to R Spa, Citrus Fresh Grill, and select programs.
  • Social activities and so much more!

Membership perks vary by membership type,

A woman diving forward to reach and hit the pickleball
Woman doing an exercise on a TRX during a Formula3 Forge Circuit boutique fitness class
Man training on The Edge open training turf with a weighted barbell doing squats
A large group of men and women posing after playing pickleball
Man training on The Edge open training turf pushing a weighted sled
Water rower equipment inside the Formula3 boutique fitness studio

We have invested in the club so you can invest in yourself.

We are excited about our brand-new 5,000 square-foot Edge Performance Training Center, the addition of pickleball to our court sports offerings, plus the opening of our dedicated Formula3 studio for our boutique-style classes using water rowers, sprinters, TRX suspension training, sandbags, and more. One of the largest fitness clubs in Orange County just got even better and we can’t wait for you to experience it!