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ClubSport and UST Global have teamed up to bring you on-demand workouts and wellness resources to help you lead a healthy lifestyle. Get started with a new class or add to your current wellness routine with our healthy recipes, articles, and tips to support your goals.

Getting Started is Easy!

Simply click the button below and register for free using your UST employee email address.

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Download the App

Once you’ve registered, download the mobile app for a convenient way to access the portal from your phone.

  1. The app is available on both Apple and Google Play or you can search “Kajabi” in your phone’s app store.
  2. Open up the app and enter the email address you used to enroll in the Digital Wellness Portal.
  3. Confirm your email address.
  4. Once you’ve confirmed your email address, open up the app and the ClubSport Digital Wellness Portal will be listed on the welcome screen. Ensure the checkmark is blue saying you would like this site to be added, then hit “Next”.
  5. Be sure to check “Complete” to track your progress with each video and article. Enjoy!
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Meet Your Wellness Coaches

ClubSport Group Fitness Class Instructor Janessa Smart

Janessa Smart

Formula3 & Rev32 Coach

Hello beautiful people! My name is Janessa and I LOVE FITNESS! I first started my fitness journey teaching Zumba. It was my gateway into becoming a jack of all trades. I got my certifications as a Buti Yoga and Yoga instructor, as well as personal training. I’m also actively involved in a group that helps people find self-love and body positivity called Embrace You. My passion is to make health and fitness accessible to everyone and to show you you’re worth it!

My other passion…are my pups, who are typically at the studio or in the background while I’m filming our virtual workouts.

I’m so excited to work with you and help you throughout your journey. Let’s get fit and healthy from the inside out together!

Contact Janessa at

ClubSport Group Fitness Class Instructor Louise Williamson

Louise Williamson

Group Fitness Instructor

Louise has been sharing her high-energy fitness instruction methods with ClubSport since 2010 bringing more than 23 years of experience as an instructor. In addition to teaching Yoga, she is also a certified Personal Trainer and Zumba Instructor. Louise recently relocated to Aliso Viejo to become the Membership Director. Inspiration came for Louise through personal and family experience with health crises and struggles with proper weight management. She enjoys motivating others on their path to fitness with energy and excitement, believing that reaching just one person is worth every effort. She loves to mentor both members and new instructors alike. Louise is a certified 200 YRT Yoga through Yoga Alliance and other certifications held through Zumba Inc. and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. Contact Louise at
Elite Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach Benji Simonton

Benji Simonton

Elite Personal Trainer

Benji grew up in a family where sports were religion and competition was a daily occurrence in his house. He has spent his whole life training others and himself to be a better athlete. Benji spent his 20’s playing professional baseball and trying to live out his big league dreams. In his 30’s he became a personal trainer and bodybuilder, still trying to scratch that competitive itch. Now that Benji is in his 40’s being the best means something entirely different. He has realized that we must move better first and now trains movement, not muscles. Moving better starts with having a strong and stable core. He doesn’t care how good a person looks, what he cares about is how a person moves and feels. “I want to change how people think when they think about what ‘getting fit’ means. It’s not about working harder it’s only about working smarter.”

Contact Benji at


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